Pay Attention to the Signs From Your Angels

There are many common myths about angels, and even more questions. Do people become angels when they die? What do they look like? Are the male or female? Do they have wings and a halo? What do they do? The next few blogs will be dedicated to answering these questions and providing readers with the facts about angels.

The following information is based on biblical fact, not personal opinion (unless stated otherwise) and is intended to educate believers on a hard to study subject. 212 angel number

Do people become angels when they die?

No people do not become angels when they die. Often when a loved one passes away, we tend to find comfort knowing that our loved one is “looking down on us from above” or “protecting us from heaven.” The fact of the matter is that humans do not become angels when they pass away. Angels are spiritual beings, created by God for His own purposes, such as to act as protectors, messengers, and to worship.

Mathew 22:30 explains that angels do not marry or reproduce like humans. Hebrews 12: 22-23 states that we will be met by “an innumerable company of angels” in the “heavenly Jerusalem” or heaven in other words. This means that no, we do not become angels when we die, but rather we meet the angels upon our arrival in heaven.

Jesus said in Luke 10:18 “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightening,” while the whole chapter in Genesis 3 talks about how Satan tempted Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and caused them to sin, which is known as the fall of man. No-where in the Bible does it state that angels grow in number, and since we know from Matthew 22 that they do not reproduce, we can conclude there are a set number of angels.

The Bible also makes comparisons between angels and humans, proving that they are two separate beings and that one does not evolve into the other. For example, 2 Peter 2:11 states that angels are stronger and more powerful than man, showing that the two are separate.

Although it is nice to think about our loved ones who have passed away to be in heaven watching over us, this is biblically incorrect. This mind set also tempts people to subconsciously worship angels or their loved ones who have passed away, which is considered idolatry and considered a sin.


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