Professional Makeup Brushes – What Makes Them Special?

You may have visited a MAC Cosmetics counter and noticed that they sell a whole selection of makeup brushes. Pick-up a new blush, bronzer or eyeshadow and you may be asked if you have the right makeup brush to use with it. As a consumer it can often be overwhelming. So what makes a professional makeup brush so special and do you need one?

A professional brush usually has several key elements that separate it from the makeup brushes that are sold at your local drugstore. The most noticeable is the high quality materials that are used. makeup brushes manufacturer

Bristles: The natural fibers used to make the bristles have different grades of quality. A professional brush will be made from the highest grade. These quality fibers will be much softer than a lower grade fiber and will therefore feel much nicer against your skin. A higher grade natural fiber should also make the brush last longer and maintain its shape better over time. Most professional grade cosmetic brushes will be made of natural fibers, as makeup artists tend to find that natural fibers do a better job of applying just the right amount of product and smoothly blending it for a flawless application. Synthetic fibers have become more popular with consumers and as a result there are now high quality brushes made with synthetic fibers that mimic the look, feel and performance of natural fiber brushes.

Ferrules: The ferrule is the piece of material that connects the brush handle to the bristles. A professional makeup brush will have a nickel or aluminum ferrule. Nickel is considered the highest quality ferrule material and aluminum can be a good alternative. A makeup brush should be cleaned on a regular basis and because of this wear and tear on the brush, a quality ferrule is one of the most important components of a makeup brush. A quality ferrule will maintain a tight fit between the bristles and handle; it will prevent the bristles from shedding and it won’t tarnish or rust.

Handles: The majority of cosmetic brushes sold today have a wood handle. However, some may have a plastic or composite handle. While there are certain types of wood that can make brushes more ecologically friendly, in general the type of wood that is used won’t significantly affect the quality of the brush. The type of handle is more of a personal preference. Handles can come in any shape, color and style, so it is the one component of the brush where a person can express her personal style. A professional makeup brush will tend to have a long handle because makeup artists find a long handle to be easier to use with clients. However, brush lengths can vary and this too tends to be a personal preference.

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