The Important Things I Should Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Smartphones are very expensive, even when bought under a subsidised contract from your phone company. The choice you make is very important. You can’t easily change it later.

Most phone contracts run for 24 months, which means that the phone has to be paid for during that time, in addition to the charges you get for using it. The phone company, and in fact the phone manufacturers too, expect a phone to be used for about two years before it is replaced. Only two years? Some contracts allow phone replacement (exchange for a new phone) every 12 months! Why would anyone even consider this?

The technology used in smartphones (camera, processor, screen quality, build, etc) change rapidly. You could put off buying a phone, always waiting for the arrival of the NEXT greatest-ever device. But, you have to make a choice. So, here are a few pointers. oppo f17 pro

First of all, your choice of phone may be limited by your mobile phone provider. In some countries, the phone company may use a radio spectrum that is only compatible with a small range of phones. So you need to check if this applies in your case. In the US, for example, not every phone works with every carrier or in every city. If you want to change carriers, you might need to change your phone too. In the UK, all smartphones work with all carriers on 3G, but the newer 4G LTE networks are VERY selective. And US 4G network phones don’t work on the UK 4G network.

Secondly, you need to decide what phone operating system you prefer. This is largely down to your personal choice, which can be helped by visiting a phone shop and trying several phones out, or reading reviews of various phones. The main choices are: Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and Blackberry. Generally speaking, you can move your contacts and other data from one iOS phone to another, from one Android phone to another, and so on. Moving between the operating systems is a lot harder. And you’ll be doing this every two years, so it isn’t trivial. You want to know that your preferred manufacturer will still be around in two years time! iOS and Android functionality is more or less the same.

There are two main market leaders in the smartphone world: Apple and Samsung. Users love the way the Apple iPhone works and how it integrates so well into the Apple way of doing things.

Samsung is the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. It uses the Android operating system on its phones, as do many other manufacturers, but it is the most successful of the Android phone makers. Samsung makes a range of devices (currently under the Galaxy name) such as the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Mega 5.8.

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